Excited to get and share your race results?

 Do you want know how your colleagues, family and friends did right after the race? You can now track your race times with Xact RealTime Race Alerts. If you have an Xact account, please sign in to track a runner, including yourself. If you don’t have an account, create one now.

  1. After signing in, enter the name of the runner you want to track and click search.
  2. You may choose to track via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. Click on the corresponding logo to the left of the runner’s name.
  3. You will be sent a confirmation after submitting your contact information. You must respond to the confirmation in order to receive your post-race results message.

Be sure to submit your request at least three hours before the race.


Sign up for your or your family and friends results here!

Official Medical Provider
Official Medical Provider


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