The Aetna Falmouth Elite Mile

The Mile is back in Falmouth!

This year's Aetna Falmouth Elite Mile will be held

on August 20, 2016 at 6:00PM

2014 Elite Mile winners: Katie Mackey and Kyle Merber

The James T. Kalperis Track – the fastest "Mondo" track facility on the East Coast

The Falmouth Mile is an invitational mile for elite runners. Male runners must have run a sub-4:00min mile and female runners must have run a sub-4:39min mile to be considered for an invitation. Interested athletes may request an invite at


2016 Prize Money (Men/Women)
  • First $3,500
  • Second $2,000
  • Third $1,000
  • Men's winner sub-3:56  $1,000
  • Other men sub-3:56  $500
  • Women's winner sub-4:31  $1,000
  • Other women sub-4:31  $500
  • Meet Record  $1,500

Women: Suzy Favor-Hamilton, WI in 2002 4:25.27

Men: Jordan McNamara, Eugene, OR in 2011 3:54.89